is a family-owned business in South County area of St. Louis, MO. We are long-time residents of St. Louis, and we care about its residents and communities.We started a home-buying business because we observed so many vacant, blighted houses across the St. Louis area. Vacancies are the result when homeowners have difficult real estate problems that they can't solve.Vacant houses are very bad for communities. They can attract squatters, substance abusers, crime, vermin, and trash. And once a house is vacated, it becomes very hard to turn it back into a useful, functioning home for a family.That's why we started

We hope to prevent more vacancies by identifying and helping families that must sell their homes quickly. We hope in the future to be able to bring houses that are already vacant back to productive use by families.We often team with other small businesses that can repair homes so families can live in them comfortably and safely.

If a family you know needs to sell their home fast, you can help them by telling them about, and having them contact us.

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